Tuesday, January 31, 2012
2012 Legislative Agenda

Here is an update of a few bills IFI is tracking this session:
SB 72 - Chemical Abortions - This bill would require abortion providers to stop dispensing abortion pills at the FDA recommended 49 days instead of the 63+ days they are currently urging women to take it. Research has show that the instances of serious side effects or even death greatly increases after taking this abortion inducing medication after 7 weeks of pregnancy. This bill would also require a physician to administer the medication in person (there have been reports around the country of this deeply troubling medication being dispensed without a doctor physically present in the room).
HB 1252 - Extending the divorce waiting period - There is currently a 60 day waiting period for divorce in Indiana (one of the shortest in the nation). This bill would extend the waiting period for married couples with minor children to 12 months, unless they take a marriage education course. If they complete the course and still want to get divorced, the waiting period would be cut to 6 months. Research has shown that each divorce costs a married couple and the state a combined total of approximately $50,000 per divorce. Each year the state of Indiana alone pays $839 million due to divorce and out of wedlock childbearing. Not to mention the pain divorce causes to the husband and wife and especially the children. In some cases divorce is necessary, but research shows that in 4 out of 5 divorces one spouse wants to save the marriage. Furthermore, research shows that many of those who report unhappy marriages, but then stick it out, end up reporting very happy marriages just a few years later.
HB 1050 - Healthcare sharing ministries - Ministries such as Samaritan ministries provide a way for people of faith to share the burdens of healthcare costs and the emotion and spiritual burdens that come with healthcare needs. These ministries are not insurance and want to be recognized as such within the law. In a day and age where government is intent on forcing Americans to purchase health insurance, ministries that create a private sector solution to some of the problems within the health insurance/health care industry need protection.
SB 89 - Teaching the origins of life in public schools - Darwinists have been extremely effective in forcing public schools around the country to teach their view of how life began (The Big Bang/macro evolution, etc.). This bill would allow local school boards to allow their teachers to teach other theories on the origins of life, even if they come from a faith background.
SB 4 - Human trafficking - As shocking as it sounds, children being used as sex slaves is a growing problem (being brought more into the light here in Indianapolis due to the organizers of the Super Bowl realizing this as a problem nationwide and wishing to crack down on it). This bill would make it a Class B Felony for any individual to harbor a child with the intent on engaging that child in prostitution. This bill has already passed both the House and the Senate and has been signed into law by Gov. Mitch Daniels.

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