HB 1128: Abortion Drug Reversal Information


Bill Status

HB 1128 did not receive a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee and is dead for this Session.  However, portions of HB 1128 were amended into SB 404, which passed both the Indiana House and Senate.

Bill History


Executive Summary

HB 1128 deals with informed consent requirements for abortion drugs.  It requires that a pregnant woman be informed orally and in writing before a chemical abortion that the chemical abortion may be possibly arrested or reversed.



In current law, before an abortion provider can perform an abortion they must give women a number of pieces of information in writing and orally.  HB 1128 would add to that by mandating that abortion providers give women information about how to reverse the effects of RU 486, the abortion pill. 



Physicians have had success in reversing the effects of RU 486 if the pregnant woman seeks medical attention quickly after starting the RU 486 drug regimen.  There is a lack of awareness regarding this possibility and women should be given this information when these drugs are recommended and prescribed to women in the event they change their mind. 

IFI supports HB 1128.