July 2, 2007
            Today the Indiana Family Institute initiates a blog, Veritas Rex, with great anticipation and excitement.  Increasingly, communication in all realms occurs over the internet, particularly in this unique forum we call blogging.  However, this is especially true in the policy and civil society realms that the Indiana Family Institute seeks to influence.  So, we launch this blog to inform and hopefully influence the lively conversation we call public discourse with an eye toward...
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June 25, 2007
Today the U.S. Supreme Court, led by native Hoosier John Roberts, proved the wisdom of President Bush placing Roberts and Alito onto the Court.  Of particular interest was Hein v. Freedom From Religion Foundation.  As you have guessed, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is no friend to Conservatives or Christians.  In this case the Robert’s Court pulls Justice Kennedy to the light, giving Conservatives a 5-4 win and allowing the executive branch to work with faith-based organizations when providing government services. It’s...
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