Thursday, April 21, 2011
Rob Bell goes off the deep end

by: Peter Heck
A few years ago I overheard some friends talking about a new minister named Rob Bell.  They were watching some of his videos online and when I asked what they were doing, they told me...before following it up with, "But we don't think you'd probably care for him too much." Frankly, they weren't terribly far off in that assessment.  Please understand I don't know Rob Bell and I'm sure he's a delightful and warm and genuine person.  But the reason my friends felt that I wouldn't "care for him" was because they knew I'd have bigger problems than just the fact that he was of the hipster emerging church movement: the jeans-wearing, un-tucked shirt school of latte-sipping gospel spreading.  Though it's not my style, I can deal with that. My preferences are just that...preferences...so long as it's the true gospel that's being spread.
But I've always feared that too often a casual attitude demonstrated in approaching the throne of God reflects a casual attitude about the holiness and authority of who sits on that throne.  With Rob Bell, such a concern is seemingly validated.
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