SB 284: Tax Credit for Education Related Teacher Expenses


Bill Status

Did not receive a hearing and is dead for this Session.

Bill History

  • 1/9  Introduced by Sen. Tomes



Executive Summary

SB 284 provides that a teacher employed by a private school is entitled to claim a state income tax credit for teacher classroom supplies. (Currently, only public school teachers are entitled to claim the tax credit.)  Specifies that a "teacher" for purposes of the tax credit is a kindergarten through grade 12 teacher.



Currently there is a tax credit available for teachers who are employed by a public school for up to $100 worth of their own expenses on classroom supplies.  However, teachers at other schools (such as charter schools and private schools) are not currently allowed to claim this tax credit.  SB 284 would expand the current law to assure that all teachers would be included.   



As the Andrew Smith Center for Family Prosperity attempts to strengthen family prosperity here in Indiana, we understand the need for successful schools within communities all over the state.  This Center within IFI wants to encourage Hoosier teachers who go above and beyond the call of duty every day to the benefit of Hoosier families.  Since certain teachers already are able to receive a tax credit for the expenses they incur for classroom supplies it seems only fair that all teachers should be able to take advantage of this tax credit.

IFI supports SB 284.