SB 53: Back to School Family Sales Tax Holiday


Bill Status

Did not receive a hearing and is dead for this Session.

Bill History

  • 1/3  Introduced by Sen. Grooms



Executive Summary

SB 53 provides a sales and use tax holiday from August 4, 2017, through August 6, 2017, for the following items purchased for a nonbusiness use: (1) An item of clothing, if the sales price of the item does not exceed $35. (2) An item of school instructional material, school supplies, or school art supplies, if the sales price of the item does not exceed $20.



SB 53 would allow Hoosier parents a tax break when they are purchasing back to school items for their children heading back to school.  When purchasing clothing, school instructional materials, and school supplies between August 4 and August 6 Hoosier parents would not pay sales tax on those items.



At the Indiana Family Institute we care about Hoosier parents and children.  We want to see Indiana move back towards a more child-centric culture in the public policy positions of the State of Indiana.  SB 53 is a good opportunity to help Hoosier parents and children as they head back to school by allowing them to keep more of their own money as Hoosier parents prepare their children for a successful school year.       

IFI supports SB 53.