Thursday, October 15, 2009
Try Some Tea

planning has been tried repeatedly, promising to end poverty, insure
health, and bring about the kind of equality where no one lived in a
mansion while others lived on the streets.  And the consequence was that everyone (besides those in power) ended up on the streets.  It doesn't work.  What works is freedom.
Some have wrongly assumed that these TEA Parties are the creation of the Republican Party and unfairly target Democrats.  First
of all, the thought that the staggeringly incompetent national
Republican Party could organize something like this is laughable.  Secondly,
to suggest that the events are anti-Democrat relies on the absurd
assumption that there aren't any Democrats who still believe in freedom.
Yes, these TEA Parties are protesting the leadership of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.but not because they're Democrats.  Rather, because the policies they are advancing are meant to deprive us all of our freedom (economic and otherwise). 
Many of the Democrats who attend these TEA Parties see them as an outlet for their frustrations.  Having witnessed the outrageous deficits of the George W. Bush years, they voted for change.  And
the change they got was to see President Obama double down on Bush's
big-government, freedom-limiting approach, and multiply his deficits
ten-fold.  That isn't change.  It's the same, sad, steady, sorry march to government growth we've been experiencing for two centuries.
The core motivation behind this movement is simple: we don't want our legacy to be the generation that let freedom in America slip from our grasp.  We don't want to look back on the once great United States, and say, "Wasn't it wonderful when we were free?  It's
too bad we couldn't get over our Republican/Democrat party obsession to
notice when our leaders were stripping us of our freedom, and stopped
the revolution before it was too late." 
230 years, patriots have defended that core principle of the
Constitution that we have a duty to "preserve the blessings of liberty
for ourselves and our posterity."  In other
words, we have a responsibility to ensure that those who come after us
get the same opportunity we had to freely pursue happiness.
Despite the misleading reports from a state-run media, that is what this movement is about.  So I challenge the skeptics: try some TEA.  You might be surprised how inspiring the message of freedom still is.

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