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By supporting The Daniel Initiative, you’re supporting a project built around:

  • RELATIONSHIPS. We routinely build relationships between church leaders and state and federal officials via in-person or virtual meetings. These meetings include the sharing of Scripture, discussions about how the church can help with key problems, and a time of prayer.
  • PARTNERSHIPS. Through the relationships established above, we identify ways the God-ordained institutions of church and state can partner together to serve the common good. Then, we encourage churches to impact these key problems, such as foster care, the drug crisis and mental health.
  • RESOURCES. We equip church leaders and other committed Christians to be gospel-centered citizens (Phil 1:27). We produce a podcast (The Good Citizen Podcast) and other digital resources, send out weekly email updates and routinely speak in churches and at events about rethinking Christian citizenship and engaging government in God’s way.

You can give a one-time or monthly gift using the secure form below. Monthly gifts provide consistent support that ensures we can continue standing up for biblical values. Thank you for supporting The Daniel Initiative in its battle to builds relationship between the ministers of God and the ministers of government (Rom. 13) and equips the church to engage government in a manner worthy of the gospel (Phil 1:27).