Parental Rights

The United States, and the State of Indiana, have always cherished and upheld parental rights. Parents are starting to see those rights infringed upon.

From your local school board to the State House in Indianapolis to halls of Congress, IFI will continue to fight for your right to raise your children as you see fit.

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Religious Liberty

America’s Founders were nearly unanimous in their fervent support for religious liberty. It is, quite literally, in America’s DNA. Today, however, many believe that religious liberty doesn’t belong, even to the point of downplaying religious convictions in ongoing policy debates.

You have the freedom to worship, live, and operate your business according to your faith. IFI will continue to stand up for that right.

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Life is precious and worthy of protection from conception to natural death. The Hoosier State has long prized life in public policy, and we want to see that continue.

Abortion and assisted suicide advocates are working to gain a foothold in the Hoosier State, and we can’t let them succeed. IFI will continue to fight for LIFE at every stage.

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