2024 Legislative Agenda

SUPPORT – SB 46: Strengthening Parental Rights [Status: Dead]

Parents have the primary role to play in the care and protection of their children. The government should not be the one standing in the way of a parent and the well-being of their children. This legislation allows for the parent to be in control of the care for their children while still allowing for safeguards to be put in place for government intervention when needed. Ultimately, the bill puts parents on equal footing with the government by giving parents the rights within Indiana that are also afforded to them by the U.S. Constitution. In doing so, parents then have remedy against the government in the state when their rights have been violated, which are the same rights that the government in Indiana has to go after parents.

SUPPORT – SB 17:  Age Verification for Adult Websites

An area that public policy has not caught up with technology is protecting children from hardcore pornographic websites. Today, a child can easily access the most hardcore pornography online and the companies that own these websites are not held accountable. SB 17 (King, House Sponsor) would subject these companies to fines and legal action if they do not have a method for denying minors access to their site. 

SUPPORT – SB 98 : Unborn Babies Should Count as a Dependent on Taxes

Life begins at conception. SB 98 would recognize this fact within tax law. A pregnant mother would be able to claim her unborn child within her womb as a dependent and get a tax break as you can now for a child outside of the womb. 

SUPPORT – HB 1210: Fixing CHINS Statute [Status: Dead]

Children with mental health issues are being removed from loving families simply because the government doesn’t agree with the faith or the beliefs of the parents. This is wrong. The Cox family is a prime example of this. HB 1210 would have added an extra line of protection for parental rights, ensuring that children who are still in a safe and secure environment stay with their parents. 

SUPPPORT – HB 1355: Holding Corporations Accountable for Breaking the Law [Status: Dead]

One of the tragedies of today is when young children are preyed upon for the purpose of producing sexual material. At our core, as a society, we know this is horrifically wrong. Unfortunately, not all participants in this horrendous act are being held to account in a way that would force them to change course and really hurt them where it counts: in their pockets. House Bill 1355 did just that by holding large corporations to account if they were caught as a part of allowing people to access these materials. The bill would have done that through a $1 million civil penalty for each offense made by the corporation. This legislation also ensures that Attorney General has a system, fund and resources to go after these corporations in a way that would be harmful to the bad corporate actors putting greed above the protection of innocent children. 

SUPPORT – HB 1291: Changing Gender to Sex  [Status: Dead]

This bill would make it very clear what the legislative intent has always been in the law regarding gender. Historically “sex” and “gender” meant the same thing within the law. Now activists are interpreting “gender” to mean lots of other things other than biologically male or female. This remedies that problem and restores the original intent of the law.

SUPPORT – SB 128: School Boards Must Approve Curriculum on Human Sexuality

Unfortunately, all sorts of age inappropriate topics surrounding human sexuality are being introduced to students within public schools currently. At the very least, teaching topics of a sexual nature in public schools should come with transparency and accountability. This bill would require school boards to approve content dealing with human sexuality before it would be taught to students in a public school. Indiana is a home rule state, which means we give ultimate control of local school districts to school boards. These elected school board members must know what is being taught in schools if they are to be held accountable through elections.

SUPPORT – HB 1406: Male Inmates in Female Prisons [Status: Dead]

This bill would prevent biologically male inmates from being placed in female prisons. Placing male inmates in female prisons is dangerous for the other prisoners and the staff. Cultural confusion instigated by a vocal few on the Left should not be allowed to violate basic common sense and safety measures.

OPPOSE – HB 1011: Assisted Suicide  [Status: Dead]

This legislation would legalize physician assisted suicide in Indiana. In addition to the moral evil of this concept, it also financially incentivizes insurance companies and governments to push people towards suicide. The elderly population is responsible for a disproportionately high percentage of all health care costs in our state. Killing the elderly is much cheaper for insurance companies and governments (think Medicaid and Medicare) than paying for their healthcare needs. We must fight this attack on the elderly and the most vulnerable among us.

SUPPORT – HB 1314: Holding Social Media Companies Accountable [Status: Dead]

Minors are being harmed online through social media, while these social media companies do nothing to solve the problem and get rich in the process. The growing mental health problems within younger generations is connected with these social media companies. These companies must protect minors from adult content that could harm them or face fines and civil penalties.

SUPPORT – HB 1334: Employees Can Refuse Vaccinations [Status: Dead]

Having a vaccination forced upon you against your wishes should not be part of your work environment. This allows for a choice to be had between you and your employer in matters of vaccinations. While also putting in place a fine for companies who fail to comply with these rules and go against the requests of the employee. As we saw during the Covid years, employers in collusion with government forced employees to receive the covid vaccine against their will, which ultimately harmed far too many Hoosiers. This must never happen again.

SUPPORT – SB 193: Religious Liberty for Adoption [Status: Dead]

Every child in the system deserves a fair chance at adoption. More adoption services are needed in Indiana. Keeping adoption agencies from operating in Indiana because of their religious beliefs and because they cannot adopt to same-sex couples is not good public policy. Adoption agencies should not be forced to choose between their faith and their work.

SUPPORT – HB 1137: Religious Release Time Instruction for Public Schools  

HB 1137, introduced by Rep. Kendell Culp, is a promising bill that would require principals at public schools to allow students to attend religious classes during the school day, provided the classes are off school property, privately funded, and parent permitted. This concept is protected by a 1952 US Supreme Court ruling but was never brought to fruition in Indiana law. We believe HB 1137 would revolutionize Indiana schools for the better and positively impact countless lives.

OPPOSE HB 1017: Banning Teaching About Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson  [Status: Dead]

We all know the saying, “Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.” By choosing parts of history to learn about and parts to leave out we are not properly educating future generations. Unfortunately, that is what this legislation is advocating. Leaving out crucial historical information and events regarding the foundation of America because it may offend someone is a mistake. 

SUPPORT – SB 202: Encouraging Intellectual Diversity in Public Universities    

Oftentimes in today’s higher education institutions, we see a push toward liberal ideas. This is common when it comes to what’s being taught, but it also poses concerns when those who disagree with those ideas are thwarted from even being allowed to have their own opinion separate from the leftists. Sadly, many of these public institutions are doing what they can to limit free speech and freedom of thought. Senate Bill 202 aims to ensure that neither students nor faculty are forced to conform to ideas that are different than their own by requiring there to be disciplinary policies and actions taken when freedom of speech and expression are hindered. This law also protects staff and contractors within higher education systems from having to make a pledge of support that aligns with the institution’s belief system, but might not be consistent with their own beliefs. Senate Bill 202 is a good step at creating an enforcement mechanism to protect freedom of speech, expression, and ideas in Indiana’s public higher education institutions.

SUPPORT – SB 28: Holding Financial Institutions Accountable for Anti-Christian Bigotry [Status: Dead]

Unfortunately, banks and financial institutions are becoming weaponized against conservative and Christian groups. IFI and our allies around the country are experiencing this 1st hand. SB 28 would attempt to hold financial institutions accountable for their anti-conservative and anti-Christian bigotry.

SUPPORT – SB 32: Removes Taxing Authority from Libraries [Status: Dead]

If libraries want to promote inappropriate materials and drag shows, they can make the case to their local governing authorities for their funding.