Donate to the 5 Freedoms Project

The five freedoms enumerated in the First Amendment are under deep scrutiny and even attack these days. And, the challenges to the First Amendment have become so varied and numerous that national organizations are hard-pressed to respond to all of these threats in a timely and effective manner.

This is why (with Alliance Defending Freedom’s blessing) we launched the Five Freedoms Project in Indiana. Instead of delegating claims to the first attorney that responds, our plan is to develop a network of attorneys that focus in particular practice areas (such as employment law) and to match claims to an attorney in the relevant practice area. Further, and this is especially true in parental rights cases, cases can be won or lost in a short period of time if the claimant does not receive advice on his or her legal rights and assistance during the public relations firestorm that often develops in such cases. For these reasons, this project is designed to provide Indiana claimants with prompt legal referrals and public relations assistance.

Thank you for donating to assist in this vital work.