A betrayal over the holidays…

I hate to belabor the point, but I feel like this could have easily been missed around the bustle of the holidays.  

As 2022 was wrapping up, Indiana U.S. Senator Todd Young voted to enshrine same-sex marriage into federal law AND voted for the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill. He was the only member of Indiana’s Congressional Delegation to do so.

On a personal level I like Todd. He’s not a bad person. However, when elected officials of either party betray the public trust it is our duty at IFI to make you aware of it. Unfortunately, this is one of those times.  

First, the Disrespect for Marriage Act, where Senator Young abandoned the people of Indiana and voted with the woke left to completely undermine the definition of marriage. Only 12 Republicans supported that bill, and one was Todd Young. Democrats and same-sex marriage supporters desperately needed his vote to get this bill passed and he gave it to them. This article fact-checks the bogus claims made by defenders of this legislation, and we encourage you to take a look at it.

Now, Senator Young has also supported a $1.7 Trillion omnibus bill that completely defanged the incoming Republican House Majority by removing their control of government funding for the next year.

Make no mistake, this bill was written by liberal Democrats to support their woke ideology, with earmarks all throughout it to fund programs that are not at all in alignment with Indiana’s values.

Senator Young knew all of this, and crossed the aisle to vote with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer to force through this massive spending bill. With his support, it passed.

I do not enjoy writing this email. We worked diligently in 2022 to get Sen. Young the information he needed to do the right thing and oppose the Disrespecting Marriage Act. He was informed. He should have done the right thing. He did not. That saddens me.

With your help and support, the Indiana Family Institute will continue to fight to make our elected officials accountable to the people, while training the next generation of leaders.

Ryan McCann

Executive Director

Indiana Family Institute