ACT NOW: Email your legislators in support of parental rights


As you likely already heard, the Supreme Court recently denied the petition of Mary and Jeremy Cox to defend religious liberty and parental rights on a national level. It is now up to the state to bring justice to this family and prevent any others from experiencing the heartbreak and injustice they have endured, when their child was stripped from their custody because the parents did not support his “gender transition.” 

In 2021, the Indiana Department of Child Services initiated an investigation into the Cox family because they could not, in good conscience, refer to their son using a name or pronouns inconsistent with his biological sex. Despite the fact that they were caring for all of his medical, physical, and educational needs, the state removed him from their custody, banned them from speaking to him about the topic of sex and gender, and placed him in a home that would affirm his transgender identity. DCS specifically argued (about their son, a biological male), “She should be in a home where she is [ac]cepted for who she is.” Even after DCS dismissed all allegations of neglect and abuse against the parents, the trial court continued the removal and the gag order on the parents’ religious speech to their own child in their own home. The child was never returned to their custody, and he aged out of the foster system.

Since the Supreme Court failed the Cox family, it’s now up to our legislators, governor, and DCS to right this egregious wrong. Click here to email your elected officials now!

As legislators consider their priorities for next session, strengthening parental rights needs to be at the top of the list. Christian parents are having their children removed by the state government, simply because they believe that a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. The legislature is the last line of defense for parents.

With that said, Governor Holcomb and the leaders at DCS are ultimately responsible for this egregious attack on parental rights, and it is their responsibility to end this practice now. Because DCS was allowed to take a child simply because the parents wouldn’t go along with woke gender theory, all Indiana parents of children who struggle with mental health are now at risk. DCS has been emboldened by the state court system to continue their abhorrent violations of parental rights. We need immediate action by way of public regulations that will prohibit DCS workers from attacking conservative, Christian families in the future. 

Will you join us in demanding parental rights are respected in Indiana? 

It’s time for our legislators and government officials to rise up in support of the Cox family and parental rights. Your calls and emails go a long way in encouraging them to do so. We hope you’ll take two minutes today to send our pre-written email to your elected officials. This terrible precedent cannot stand. The Indiana General Assembly, Governor’s office, and DCS must act.