Apply to Apprentice U today!


Like you, IFI is sick of seeing woke politics take over our education system and attack anyone who will not bend the knee. Thankfully, we have a great opportunity here in Indiana called Apprentice University.

Apprentice U is an innovative institution dedicated to developing the next generation of God-honoring leaders. AU offers a post-secondary education that combines real-world skills, a Christian worldview, and a commitment to making a positive impact. AU understands the importance of instilling values, ethics, and a sense of purpose in the next generation of leaders. Students excel in the areas of digital storytelling, marketing, entrepreneurship, IT administration, professional sales, and project management.

Apprentice U students are:

  1. Grounded in Christian principles. AU’s community fosters a values-driven approach to leadership and service.
  2. Well-prepared for the workforce. No matter their chosen career path, academics, soft skills, and relevant technical skill development are critical to AU’s foundational curriculum.
  3. Prepared to be future leaders. Through mentorship and networking, graduates are enabled and equipped to contribute to any organization they work in.
  4. Employable. With over 3,000 hours of on-the-job training in addition to a resume chock-full of experience, AU graduates are in high demand.

If you know of a family member or student who may be looking for a faith-based, affordable experience with a pathway to a fulfilling future, you can reach out to Apprentice University here

Additionally, Apprentice U has committed to donating $500 to IFI for every new student you refer! 

This is an excellent opportunity to benefit students and families in your community, a growing Christian university, and IFI.