California’s Mistake

SB1 has gone into effect, and although it’s not a perfect bill, it is a huge step towards an Indiana without abortion. This really bothered some people, especially Governor Gavin Newsom of California. As part of his re-election campaign in California (and very likely a run-up to a 2024 Presidential run), he is posturing by spending campaign funds in Indiana and other states with abortion bans in place, putting up billboards that advertise that California still has abortion services.

This underscores the difference between California and Indiana. Governor Newsom does not understand that the people of Indiana are proud of the pro-life culture we’ve built. He doesn’t understand that Hoosiers see through what he’s selling, the execution of a child. He has no shame in peddling death. He’s so proud of supporting death that he’s putting up billboards to brag about it.

States like California are going to encourage abortion in every way possible.  Abortion advocates have rejected their old slogan of “Safe, legal and rare”. We have to stand tall in Indiana and hold our ground, as this is just the first, rather clumsy, wave of out-of-state money that is going to pour in to attack our values.

The abortion industry has become rich through profiting off of the vulnerable and the ignorant. Here in Indiana, we are not ignorant of the cost of abortion, the death of a child. Here in Indiana, there are resources for the vulnerable, support for mothers who wish to carry their child to term. 

Maybe, instead of putting up billboards to advertise death, California should try to learn from Indiana.