Contact Our Senators Re: HB 1041

We’re getting down to the wire with HB 1041. The Senate Education Committee will likely cast its final vote on the bill tomorrow.

This vital piece of legislation protects fairness in women’s sports, but it still does not apply to college sports as it stands.

Female athletes in college deserve better than to have their hard work undermined by competitors with a scientifically-proven advantage.

Can you ask your friends and family to reach out to the Senators on the Education committee making a key decision on protecting girls playing sports in the state of Indiana?

We need everyone on board so our voices are heard loud and clear.

You can use this link to urge our representatives to amend this bill and protect female sports at all levels, including college.

We must restore women’s rights by reestablishing a level playing field for all female athletes and preventing dangerous identity politics from hindering their success.

It’s important for our senators to know what their constituents want so they can vote accordingly, and it is our duty to speak up.

Contact your Senators today!