Decency Wins in Westfield

Decency has won in Westfield with Westfield Washington Schools Superintendent Paul Kaiser’s removal of far-left propaganda from the school district’s classrooms. Left wing educators have been particularly emboldened as of late, spreading their destructive ideas to students by decorating classrooms with items like Black Lives Matter and LBGTQ flags. Superintendent Kaiser’s sensible decision to put a stop to this will hopefully signal to other education leaders that political indoctrination has no place in this nation’s public schools.

A small protest appeared outside of Westfield High School with a few waving the aforementioned left-wing flags. Kaiser’s request that these flags be taken down was the right thing to do. He did the decent, reasonable thing by removing these politically charged, inappropriate flags from places of learning. In particular, any flags relating to sexuality and sexual attraction have no place in the classroom. Westfield School Corporation has a history of academic excellence and unlike a number of other school districts in the area, it seems that leadership there wants to unify the community behind what they can agree on rather than divide members of the community through a push for controversial and age-inappropriate radical political ideology.

The same rings true for the Black Lives Matter flags. It is completely rational for one to agree that, of course, black lives matter, while acknowledging that the Black Lives Matter organization itself is completely radical. It is a violent and openly socialist movement that killed at least two dozen people and caused billions of dollars in property damage over the last couple of years. It views Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK as part of the problem and segregation as part of the solution. Critical Race Theory and BLM share the common thread of viewing every social issue through a racial lens and ascribing certain qualities to people based on skin color alone which is false, dangerous, and has no place in the classroom.

The BLM and LBGTQ flags essentially act as surrogates for the Democratic party and leftist ideology wherever they may be flown. If these flags are allowed in classrooms, teachers might as well hang a flag with the Democratic party logo or posters with Joe Biden’s face on it. One can imagine the outrage if a teacher hung a MAGA flag or a poster with the Republican elephant. According to the policy Superintendent Kaiser put in place, these types of flags would not be allowed either, because any kind of decor that could be considered political will be removed.

Recent events make Kaiser’s policy even more sensible. First, there was the California teacher who openly mocked the flag of the United States, instead having children pledge allegiance to the “gay pride” flag. Then another California teacher was fired after being caught on tape admitting to radicalizing students by giving extra credit to those who attended ANTIFA rallies.

We cannot let the above examples be the new status quo of public education. Hoosier children should be able to show up to school to learn, explore new ideas, and become productive members of our great country. 

We will not let leftist activists brainwash our children and bully teachers…and it is up to parents, education leaders, and students themselves to speak up when this indoctrination takes place.  If you are seeing this sort of activity happening in your school district please let us know. We are working with parents, teachers, school boards, administrators and more across the state to bring common sense and true tolerance back to public schools in Indiana.