Good news for the new year


Through the generous contributions of our faithful members, we made IFI history by raising over $800,000 in 2023. We are immensely grateful to each and every person who contributed to this achievement. These funds will enable us to fight for your rights and represent your values at the Statehouse as our legislators begin the new session in just three days. 

Here are a few topics you can expect to hear about in the upcoming session:

Strengthening Parental Rights

We know parental rights are fundamental rights that deserve the highest level of protection from our government. In 2023, we fought for the Cox family, who experienced one of a parent’s worst nightmares: their son was taken from them after they refused to acquiesce to his new “gender identity” as a female. The bill HB 1407, “Strengthening Parental Rights and Protecting Parents from Trans Activist Bureaucrats,” unfortunately did not pass through the legislature in 2023, but we are mapping out a similar bill to propose in the upcoming session. We have high hopes for its success. 

Banning Pornography Access for Minors

We believe Indiana should follow in the footsteps of the seven states that have already banned pornography access for minors, requiring adult content websites to verify the age of its users before granting access. These bipartisan bills are sweeping the nation – because if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that kids shouldn’t be exposed to pornography.

Fifteen states have declared pornography consumption a public health crisis due to its links to stunted brain development and depression and suicide. We know that the porn industry targets susceptible minors; the average child is exposed to porn at least once between the ages of 7 to 13. 

We must protect our children from the evils of the porn industry. This is the first step to doing just that.

Protecting Kids from the LGBT agenda

If “Pride Month” taught us anything this year, it’s that the LGBT agenda is after our children. Not only did they shout it in the public square (“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children”), they proved it with their contradictory “kid-friendly drag shows.” 

Kids should never be exposed to adult sexuality – full stop. Not through porn, not through drag shows, and not through Pride festivals. Let’s put an end to all the above in Indiana, once and for all.

We believe that God can and will do great and mighty things in the political realm this year. Please pray with us as we enter into the 2024 session of the Indiana General Assembly on Monday, January 8th. We will be standing alongside our lawmakers every step of the way on your behalf, advocating for faith, family and freedom.

We will continue to update you on legislative developments as they come. Remember to follow us on social media for daily updates!