Happy Easter!


We are praying that you, your family, and your church have a powerful Resurrection Sunday! Our hope and prayer is that many in your community come to know Christ this weekend. 

Easter is such an encouragement to us, especially as we continue to promote Biblical principles in a quickly changing culture. Below is an excerpt from our General Council Josh Hershberger, sharing his reflections on the importance and power of Easter in our increasingly secular age:

“The tomb is one of the chief antagonists of the Easter story. The tomb stands for a type of absolute tragedy. Innocence was found guilty. God was killed. Evil prevailed. Period. 

But then came the Resurrection. Truth showed a deep resilience. Truth triumphed despite evil and even through it. As Clarence W. Hall so aptly stated, “Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.”

In sum, the tomb lost. This means that we can live and work in hope. We can struggle with courage against our own faults and the stubborn blackness in all our hearts. We can claim victory and live without shame. We can struggle to redeem our broken world as agents of our coming King that will make all things new, and we can live victoriously no matter how dark our times. We can live with assurance that one day injustice will be swept away, evil will be overthrown, and death itself will die.”

He is Risen! We are praying for you this Easter Sunday!