IFI’s Legislative Session Update

The 2024 “short” legislative session, which ended this past Friday, was a busy one. Our legislative team was at the Statehouse daily tracking bills, testifying in committees, pushing legislation, organizing meetings, and more.  Thank you for your support and engagement! We pulled out all the stops for you to advance Hoosier values forward. In particular, we want to highlight the two great bills below that PASSED and are currently awaiting the governor’s signature.
SB 17: Age Verification for Adult Websites An area that public policy has not caught up with technology is protecting children from hardcore pornographic websites. Today, a child can easily access the most hardcore pornography online and the companies that own these websites are not held accountable. SB 17 would subject these companies to fines and legal action if they do not have a method for denying minors access to their site.

HB 1137: Religious Release Time Instruction for Public Schools  HB 1137, introduced by Rep. Kendell Culp, is a promising bill that would require principals at public schools to allow students to attend religious classes during the school day, provided the classes are off school property, privately funded, and parent-permitted. This concept is protected by a 1952 U.S. Supreme Court ruling but was never brought to fruition in Indiana law. We believe HB 1137 would revolutionize Indiana schools for the better and positively impact countless lives. Again, we thank you for your prayers and activism during the legislative session! Our staff continues to tirelessly work behind the scenes to defend the rights and values of Hoosier citizens. Your support strengthens Indiana families!