Indiana Supreme Court ruling on abortion to save thousands of babies

Thousands of babies will be saved from abortion in Indiana annually following the state supreme court’s ruling that denied a re-hearing of the near-total abortion ban passed by the legislature in the latest session. Praise God! Thousands of babies will be spared from the horror of abortion thanks to our hard-working elected officials and organizations like Indiana Right to Life (IRTL), who fought tirelessly alongside IFI at the state house last summer to push for this very bill that we are now seeing come to fruition.  

On August 21st, all six of Indiana’s abortion clinics closed immediately upon certification of the 4-1 ruling, which allows SEA1 to go into effect, prohibiting nearly all abortions statewide. Any abortions still eligible under the current law will now be performed at hospitals rather than clinics. These instances will hopefully be few and far between, as the only exceptions to the abortion ban are those necessary to save the life of the mother (which is rarely the case) up to 20 weeks, and lethal fetal anomalies, when the baby cannot survive outside the womb.  

“Our state is sending a message to the rest of the nation that when we stand together with love and compassion in protecting unborn babies and supporting pregnant mothers, we save lives, improve lives and support a national culture that values life,” Indiana Right to Life President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Fichter said in a statement. “This is truly an historic day, and we are so thankful to the tens of thousands of Hoosiers who worked so hard for over 50 years to bring this day about. And we know there are many opportunities ahead for Indiana to do even more in caring for babies and pregnant mothers.”

I agree with Mike; it’s a historic day in Indiana and we’re grateful to God that he has given us the opportunity to protect life in the Hoosier state. As always, we ask for your prayers and support as IFI and IRTL continue to fight against the tragedy of abortion in our state – including putting an end to abortion tourism. We know the current law is not perfect, but it is a monumental step in the right direction.

While some in the abortion industry may call August 21st “a dark day for Indiana,” we call it a day of victory for the Kingdom of God, and that should be celebrated.