Legislation to Increase Transparency

Another major issue that’s been brought to our attention is the lack of transparency in school board elections. Currently, local school board candidates in Indiana do not have to declare a party affiliation when entering a race. Though neither major political party is perfect, candidates selecting a party platform to affiliate themselves with will increase transparency and better inform local citizens (especially parents) about how they want to cast their vote.

Any school board candidate can claim they want to “improve our children’s education,” but what does that mean? It’s a completely subjective statement if not backed up with further context. To a radical leftist running for office, improving children’s education might mean enshrining Critical Race Theory into our children’s curriculum and forbidding any mention of God or faith. Or, it could mean ridding our schools of the wildly divisive and racist CRT agenda.

It is essential that school board candidates declare a political party affiliation so Hoosier citizens have a clearer idea of what a candidate stands for. Indiana Family Institute will be pursuing this legislation in 2022.

Please pray for the wisdom of our legislators as we work to pass important bills that will make Indiana a better place for Hoosier families!