Listen to IFI’s Podcast hosted by The Good Citizen Project


Did you know IFI has a weekly podcast with discussions ranging from the homelessness crisis in America to religious freedom around the world? The podcast is hosted by IFI’s General Counsel and Director of the Church Ambassador Network, Josh Hershberger, who founded the Good Citizen Project to equip church leaders and other committed Christians to be Biblical citizens in an increasingly divided America. 

The podcast focuses on answering this question: “What should we do now?” and provides listeners with the information, tips and examples they need to do the hard work of Christian citizenship in their city, state and nation.   

Below are a few timely episodes to introduce you to the podcast:

Thoughts on Trump’s Conviction

Does Trump’s felony conviction in the business records case in New York change the moral analysis about Trump? How should Christian citizens think through this case and the moral and political implications? Here are four reflections:

  1. Trump’s character (or lack thereof) matters.
  2. This case was a novel and questionable legal experiment.
  3. This legal conviction does not significantly change the moral equation (see #1 and #2).
  4. The Constitution is creaking.

How to Respond to Pride Month; The Curious Rise of the Religious Left

Now that we are in the midst of June, Christians often wonder about how they should respond to Pride Month. In this podcast, Josh offers three thoughts. He also the culture war in the United States and how it has, to a large degree, been a contest between the religious right and a more secular left. Here is an analysis of this development and what it means for Christian citizenship moving forward:

  1. The religious left is not new.
  2. The religious left is rising.
  3. The religious left is curious.
  4. The religious left leaves us with a choice.

The Biblical Worldview Crisis in the Church and How to Respond with David Closson

Just 43% of adult churchgoers in the United States claim to have a biblical worldview. Extensive testing through the American Worldview Inventory indicates that just 6% of the adult population in the US actually has one. These statistics, taken from a recent worldview survey conducted by George Barna for Family Research Council, evidence a startling worldview crisis in the church and (no surprise) in American culture generally. In this episode, Josh discusses these statistics with David Closson and explores how those trends can motivate and focus discipleship efforts.

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