OPPOSE HB 1065: Stop Useless Regulation

Provides that the state health data center shall maintain statistics concerning race and ethnicity, sex, primary language, and disability status. (Under current law, the center is required to maintain statistics concerning gender and ethnicity.) Requires the center to adopt and implement the data collection standards established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Provides that a health care professional and a community health worker must complete two hours of cultural awareness and competence training every two years. Establishes training requirements. 

Liberals are trying to worm their philosophies into every possible sphere of influence. House Bill 1065 is a prime example of this trend. To illustrate, the bill requires health care professionals and community health workers to complete two hours of ‘cultural awareness and competence training.’ While this training may sound harmless at face value, it is actually a trojan horse for progressive ideals. For example, the bill requires this training to include instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity. These LGBTQ principles and ideals are irrelevant to a health care workers ability to carry out their responsibilities and duties properly and efficiently. This bill is simply another liberal attempt to inject progressive philosophies into American’s everyday lives.

The Indiana General Assembly should defeat this bill, as it does nothing to benefit or improve the State of Indiana. In fact, the bill is regressive in nature, as it forces liberal ideals on a certain class of individuals based on their profession. Liberals should not have the ability to project their beliefs onto health care professionals in the name of ‘cultural awareness’ and ‘competence.’ The ideals presented in this bill have nothing to do with cultural awareness or competence and thus the bill should be defeated.