Protect College Sports, Too

Indiana Family Institute has been working to advance HB 1041, a bill which would simply protect opportunities for female athletes. The bill passed the House, but it is missing a crucial element. 

The legislation no longer protects women in college athletics, and it’s vital that we include this protection in the bill. These crucial protections were removed during committee.

Studies show that even after testosterone suppression therapy, transgender “women” still retain a physical advantage over biological women. As a result, numerous opportunities for scholarships, victories, and awards have been unjustly taken from female athletes.

Women are in danger of being eradicated from their own sports. Many college athletes have spent most of their lives working tirelessly to achieve success in their sport, and they are being forced to watch men steal their rightfully earned spots. Women deserve better than to have their hard work undermined by a competitor with an unfair biological advantage.

We must maintain a level playing field for all women and keep dangerous identity politics from hindering their success. God simply made men and women biologically different.

HB 1041 includes protections for sports up to, but not including, college athletics. College sports protections must be put back in this bill.

In the face of injustice, we have a duty to speak up. As Plato wrote in The Republic, “The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

Please contact your state legislators using this link and be a voice for female college athletes in Indiana.