Recap: Hoosier Leadership Series’ First Class of 2024


Last month, we held the first class of the 2024 Hoosier Leadership Series. Over 30 students joined us for the inaugural session, where we heard from several IFI administrators as well as Stephanie Kreuz, Director of Sentinel Engagement at the Heritage Action for America, who spoke about legislative activism.

During the class, each student began developing a personal impact plan, which details their strengths and goals moving forward to become an active leader in their community, promoting Christian values and advancing the conservative movement. Thanks to sponsor B23 Strategies, throughout the next several months of the Hoosier Leadership Series, each class member will continue to individually develop their impact plan with the help of IFI’s trusted advisors.

We also heard from IFI’s General Counsel and Church Ambassador Network Director Josh Hershberger, who introduced a practical guide to Biblical citizenship, and former HLS Director Micah Beckwith, about why America is still worth fighting for.

We’re looking forward to the next HLS session happening this month at the Statehouse. Highlights include a tour of the capitol, a personal meet and greet with Comptroller Elise Nieshalla, and a hands-on exercise about how a bill becomes a law. We will also hear from several highly anticipated guest speakers!

While we wish that we could accept visitors during the Statehouse class, unfortunately we are restricted by space in the conference and caucus room and will not be accepting drop-ins. If you’re interested in joining next year’s class, where we will likely hold a similar meeting, please email HLS Director Valerie Swack to join the waiting list:

As always, we are incredibly grateful for our sponsors, who help make the Hoosier Leadership Series possible: B23 Strategies, Vertical Immersive, Americans for Prosperity, Adler Law Firm, Ash and Oak, and Samaritan Ministries.