Recap: Hoosier Leadership Series’ Statehouse Day


Last month, the Hoosier Leadership Series met at the Indiana Statehouse to get a behind the scenes look at Governance – the theme of the class. The agenda was packed with interesting and educational speakers, from Comptroller Elise Nieshalla, who welcomed the class and explained Indiana’s unique financial situation, to Graham Renbarger, the Legislative Director for Indiana’s division of Americans for Prosperity, who spoke about accountability and vision in the legislative process.

The day also included an exercise in learning how a bill really becomes a law, and exploring the nuances of passing a bill even with a supermajority. B23 Strategies led the class in a leadership assessment where class members were invited to explore more about their leadership styles, which they will continue to build on throughout the course at each monthly meeting. 

To wrap up an excellent day, Senator John Crane gave the class a behind the scenes look at the Indiana Senate, how governance actually happens, and talked more about the importance of strong leadership. 

As always, we are incredibly grateful for our sponsors, who help make the Hoosier Leadership Series possible: B23 Strategies, Vertical Immersive, Americans for Prosperity, Adler Law Firm, Ash and Oak, and Samaritan Ministries.

If you’re interested in taking part in next year’s Hoosier Leadership Series, you can apply here, or email HLS Direct Valerie Swack with any questions: This class is an excellent way to learn how to apply your faith in a more effective way within the public square. We highly encourage you to consider participating next year!