SUPPORT HB 1097: Keep Schools and Libraries Safe for Kids

Removes the defense to prosecution for dissemination of matter or conducting a performance harmful to minors that the matter was disseminated or displayed to or that the performance was performed before the recipient by a bona fide school, museum, or public library that qualifies for certain property tax exemptions, or by an employee of such a school, museum, or public library acting within the scope of the employee’s employment

In current Indiana Code, it is illegal to give children pornographic material. However, it is perfectly legal for a school or library employee to hand a child pornographic material due to an exemption currently found in Indiana Code. This bill repeals that exemption. Minors should not be exposed to pornography, nor should they have easy access to it through tax dollar funded institutions. 

It is critical the Indiana General Assembly pass this legislation in order to protect the innocence of Hoosier children. No one should be allowed to supply children with pornographic material simply because they work for a public library or school.