SUPPORT HB 1122: Create Safe Zones for Kids

Prohibits sexually oriented businesses from operating within one thousand feet of property occupied by a childcare center, public or private school principally attended by students under eighteen years of age, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club facility, public swimming pool, playground open to the public, youth sports facility, or children’s amusement establishment. Allows businesses until June 30, 2025 to comply with the legislation. Allows the attorney general, county prosecuting attorney, local government unit, or resident of the county in which a violation of this law occurs to bring an action to enforce violation in a circuit or superior court in the county.

The sex culture has become more and more prominent in the United States. It is more important now than ever that we ensure our children’s innocence is protected from exposure to obscene and sexually explicit materials. House Bill 1122 supports this goal by prohibiting sexually oriented businesses from operating near areas where children are typically present. Additionally, the bill empowers local community members to hold businesses accountable who violate this proposed legislation. The bill does this by allowing community members to file suit in the circuit or superior court where the violation occurs.

Conclusion: It is imperative the Indiana General Assembly pass House Bill 1122 to protect Hoosier children from undue sexual influence and exposure to explicit materials.