SUPPORT HB 1407: Protecting parents’ rights over their own children


House Bill 1407 would elevate parental rights to a fundamental right. It makes clear that parents have a right to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of their child, and that the government of Indiana may not interfere. The only exceptions that allow government involvement are legitimate abuse and neglect. The bill clarifies several key areas that are not appropriate reasons for government involvement. These include a parent raising a child according to the child’s biological sex and not allowing their child to receive medical care or counseling that affirms a child’s gender identity when that identity is not in-line with the child’s biological sex. The bill also clarifies that a child may not be removed from their parents’ custody if the parents are fit guardians and do not consent to the removal. It also provides means of legal recourse for parents whose rights are violated under the standards the bill sets forth.


In an age where gender confusion is rampant, the Indiana government must protect parents’ rights to keep their children safe. Unfortunately, as the story of the Cox Family shows, our state government has been doing the opposite. Jeremy and Mary Cox are the proud parents of seven children, one of whom was removed from their home when they refused to acknowledge his gender identity. When their son began identifying as female, Jeremy and Mary continued to remind him of the truth that he was a boy. They did not adopt a “gender-affirming approach,” as supporters of transgender ideology insist on, but stood by their belief that God creates everyone male or female and that lying to their son about his gender would only make matters worse. 

Outrageously, the Indiana Department of Child Services removed Jeremy and Mary’s son from their custody, only allowing very limited visitation hours where they were not even allowed to discuss gender identity with their own child. Unfortunately, he has since reached the age of 18 and no longer sees his parents. The Indiana government allowed this to happen, and several harmful court rulings on the case only hurt parental rights even more. Indiana must reverse course fast, affirming that parents, not the state, know what is best for children.


Transgender ideology has found its way into all levels of society, and government agencies are no exception, even in a conservative state like Indiana. From medical professionals to government bureaucrats, too many people with power believe that children can change their gender at will. Thankfully, Hoosier parents know better. With the state against them, however, a parent may find themselves unable to make decisions regarding their child’s own upbringing in critical areas like health care and personal identity. The Cox Family did everything they could to raise their son with truth and love, but the Indiana government had other plans. This injustice should never be allowed to happen in the Hoosier State again. Parental rights must be designated as fundamental rights.

IFI supports HB 1407.

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