SUPPORT HB 1569: Restrictions on transgender surgeries and medications for inmates


House Bill 1569 specifies several ways in which the Indiana Department of Correction (DOC), which runs state prisons, may not aid inmates in receiving medical procedures for the purpose of appearing as the opposite sex. The legislation says that the department may not authorize the payment of any money towards, or use any state resources or federal funds administered by the state, to allow an inmate to receive transgender procedures or medication. This includes hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgeries that are intended to make one appear or function as the opposite sex.


The Indiana Department of Correction is responsible for providing a secure and wisely managed environment for those convicted of crimes. They have a duty not just to the inmates they house, but also to the general public who will eventually live alongside many of the inmates once they are released. Hoosiers should be able to trust that the DOC is actually treating inmates in a way that is most constructive to their overall lifestyle and behavior, not giving into any demands or misconceptions inmates may have that would make circumstances worse. Surrendering to the false promises of transgender ideology by facilitating sex changes for inmates would be a clear instance of the DOC failing to live up to their duty. 

We live in an era where activists are increasingly pushing the notion that trangender surgeries and medications are just a normal form of health care. Medical professionals and government bureaucrats are increasingly adopting this view as well, meaning that even agencies in a conservative state like Indiana are not immune. Indiana residents should be able to expect more out of our state government, trusting that it will not cave to radical ideologies. For the DOC this means affirming truth, not lies, when it comes to inmates who request transgender medication or surgeries. To give in to these demands not only prevents the inmate from getting true help, but also could lead to dangerous situations where a biological male ends up living amongst women in a female prison or visa-versa.


The Department of Correction has a responsibility to Hoosiers to care for offenders in a way that keeps the public safe before and after an inmate’s release. The DOC has no room to play around with false science in a way that only serves to give credence to a radical ideology and worsen the lives of inmates themselves. Furthermore, the DOC has a duty to make prison environments safe, and allowing a male to live, sleep, and shower alongside females in order to not run afoul of modern thinking on gender would be a gross violation of its mission. HB 1569 helps affirm the true purpose of Indiana’s Department of Correction, shielding it and all Hoosiers from another harmful aspect of transgender ideology.

IFI supports HB 1569.