SUPPORT HB 1608: Prevents teaching on sexual and gender identity in grades K-3


House Bill 1608 prevents schools from teaching children in kindergarten through third grade any content related to sexual orientation or gender identity. This prohibition includes instruction that would be offered by any employee or staff member of a school or any third party service that a school may seek to use. The topics included under this legislation which must not be taught are listed as gender fluidity, gender roles, gender stereotypes, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.


Schools exist to teach children foundational skills like math, science, reading, and history, not to fill their minds with radical notions of sexuality and gender ideology. Particularly in grades K-3rd, which are the very beginning of a child’s education, the instruction provided by teachers needs to focus on what matters most. It must stay away from political activism or any ideas regarding sex and gender that can so easily confuse children. Unfortunately, this is far from the case in many schools today, where left-wing ideologies have turned classrooms of all grade levels into breeding grounds for radical beliefs. 

HB 1608 addresses this problem directly, declaring that instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity should simply not occur for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Especially at this young age, parents bear the responsibility of guiding their children in personal matters and passing on their convictions. Teachers should not interfere in this territory, but should focus on the core subjects that elementary school children need to learn. While IFI would support a prohibition on sexuality and gender instruction all the way up to 12th grade, this legislation is an important step in that direction.


HB 1608 will make clear that Hoosier schools are places where children are safe from political indoctrination. The radical ideologies that harm students and push out traditional subjects will be no more. Children will be able to focus on the foundational curriculum they receive in kindergarten through third grade, properly setting them up for future learning. Parents will not have to worry that their child will come home with dangerous and inappropriate ideas about sex and gender told to them by a teacher. HB 1608 provides much needed clarification on what the classroom is for and will set the stage for further legislation to come that removes harmful topics from education.

IFI supports HB 1608.

IFI also supports SB 413 which would prohibit instruction on sexuality and gender identity up to 12th grade, addresses other matters related to how schools handle these topics, and addresses how schools approach parental rights.