SUPPORT SB 34: Protecting minors from harmful treatments and ideologies

Executive Summary: Senate Bill 34 would protect minors from the harmful effects of transgender ideology. The bill would make it illegal for health care professionals to perform any surgeries on minors which are part of an attempt at gender transition. It would also be illegal for minors to be prescribed hormones and puberty blocking drugs. Additionally, health care professionals would be barred from attempting to reinforce or change a minor’s views on their own sexual attractions behaviors, or identity. Those who violate this law would be at risk of criminal penalties and punishment from their licensing board.

Senate Bill 34 is a common sense step in the face of an extremely dangerous and saddening situation. Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage, wrote, “nearly 70% of kids who experience childhood gender dysphoria — and are not affirmed or socially transitioned — eventually outgrow it.” Ignoring this fact completely, not to mention the fact of biological reality, major medical societies like the American Medical Association insist on “gender affirming care.” Such “care” often involves permanent alterations to healthy body parts through surgery and dangerous hormonal changes through various drugs. Even Riley Hospital in Indiana says on their website, “We will assist your child as they make a decision about whether to transition into a different gender and will offer care for each stage of transition.” Senate Bill 34 is a critical step in removing this extreme view of gender and the expanding industry that accompanies it from the pediatric field in Indiana.

Doctors have an ethical duty to do no harm to their patients. In light of this current situation where the truth is clashing with popular ideologies of the day, medical professionals must choose the truth. Children must be protected from the consequences of transgender ideology which tells them that boys can be girls, girls can be boys, and that it’s all up to your feelings. This is a terrible and confusing weight to place on the minds of young children, but those who oppose it are called hateful. Telling children the truth about themselves and raising them in line with it is anything but hateful. Medical professionals must align themselves with this reality and stop participating in the lies and harms of the gender transition industry. Senate Bill 34 will ensure that doctors in Indiana listen to parents and to the truth when caring for children, not to radical politicians and theorists in the universities.

IFI supports SB 34.