SUPPORT SB 351: Defining “sex” for purposes of birth certificates


Senate Bill 351 lays out the definition of “sex” to be used for birth certificates. The bill ensures that this definition is in-line with biology and does not involve psychological, chosen, or subjective gender experiences. The definition put forth specifies that sex is a biological indication of male or female, and that this is determined by factors such as one’s reproductive potential, sex chromosomes, sex hormones, and nonambiguous genitalia present at birth.


Adolescence can already be a very difficult time, but imagine the confusion faced by a child when they are told they can choose their own gender. This is the reality for many children today, who are taught by social media, authorities at school, and sometimes even parents, that gender is subjective and at the end of the day is up to each individual. Particularly for kids who are struggling to fit in with their true gender, this message can be dangerously attractive. Unfortunately many lawmakers have jumped on the bandwagon and have given up way too much ground to transgender ideology. In the case of birth certificates, over a dozen mostly liberal states allow an option of gender “X” or other non-binary options. 

Not only that, but transgender individuals are allowed to legally change their sex on their birth certificates, even in Indiana. This can be done as a teenager with parental backing or later as an adult. Birth certificates are important legal documents, and they need to be in line with science and common sense. In an age of ever-increasing confusion over what it means to be male or female, it is critical that Indiana takes a stand for the biological realities that the large majority of Hoosiers know to be true. Clearing up the definition of sex in birth certificates is one of many pieces in the larger effort to push back against illogical and dangerous transgender ideology.


Writing into law that birth certificates must specify one’s sex as male or female, and that this decision is to be made according to nothing but biology, is a vital step in affirming reality in Indiana. It sets an important precedent that Indiana will not stand for the deceptions of a radical ideology being treated as medical and legal truths. Birth certificates are serious legal documents, and one’s sex is a straightforward biological fact. Ensuring that this is accurately recorded on birth certificates will help align Indiana law with reality, and it will serve as an important step in the larger fight against the fictitious notion that one can choose to be male, female, or something else entirely.

IFI supports SB 351.