SUPPORT SB 402: Referring to child by biological sex is not child abuse

Among other provisions, Senate Bill 402 provides that a parent referring to a child by their biological sex does not constitute child abuse or neglect.

Unfortunately, the left has increasingly put pressure on government agencies like the Department of Child Services (DCS) to include a parent refusing to refer to their child by their ‘preferred’ pronoun. Parents should not be subject to potential legal ramifications for referring to their child by the sex they were biologically born with. The Bible tells us, “So God created man in His own image; He created Him in the image of God; He created them male and female.” Conservative and Christians parents should not face potential charges of child abuse for raising their child up in a biblically sound manner. Referring to their child as the sex God designed the child to be should not be considered child abuse.

Overall, referring to a child in the way God created them is not child abuse. Thus, it is necessary the General Assembly pass this legislation to ensure that conservative parents can raise their children up in the way they should go without governmental interference. A child’s biology defines their sex, not the whims of gender identity or the LGBTQ agenda.