Update on Appeal to SCOTUS

Here is a statement from Joshua Hershberger, IFI’s General Counsel:

Though SCOTUS denied the Petition of Mary and Jeremy Cox yesterday, we did accomplish the goal of placing this fact pattern in front of SCOTUS as a real and growing threat to parental rights, freedom of religion, and free speech. These constitutional principles represent a cause–not just a case–and we will continue to advocate for that cause in law and culture. Full statements below:

Mary and Jeremy Cox:

“No other loving parents should have to endure what we did. The pain of having our son taken from our home and kept from our care because of our beliefs will stay with us forever. We can’t change the past, but we will continue to fight for a future where parents of faith can raise their children without fear of state officials knocking on their doors and taking their children.”

Lori Windham, Vice President and Senior Counsel at Becket, and Joshua Hershberger:

“What Indiana officials did to Mary and Jeremy was a shocking attack on parental rights. Loving parents should not lose custody of their children because they disagree with the state about gender. We are confident that the Supreme Court will ultimately protect this basic right and ensure that parents can raise their children consistent with their religious beliefs.”

The fight for parental rights is far from over in Indiana.