Urge your senator to support parental rights


Even in Indiana, there is mounting evidence demonstrating the need for legislation to elevate parental rights to the status of a fundamental right! Sadly, many parents feel that they may jeopardize their rights to raise their children as they see fit. This is unacceptable. Good parents who want the best for their children should not fear the loss of custody of their children by the government.

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Senate Bill 46 is a bill that seeks to establish parental rights as fundamental, which elevates the legal protections parents have in how they raise their families. It’s alarming that the ACLU, the Indiana Teacher’s Union, and the Judge’s Association are opposing legislation to protect parental rights. Unfortunately, these groups are gaining traction in opposing a parent’s right to direct their children’s religious instruction, education, and healthcare.

SB 46 was heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, January 10th. IFI was there standing up for parental rights on your behalf. IFI General Counsel Josh Hershberger, IFI national ally Matt Sharp from Alliance Defending Freedom and others gave great testimony on behalf of Hoosier parents. We are hopeful that the bill will be voted out of committee next week, and we will keep you updated on any progress.

Please stand up for your family and reach out to your state senator to let him or her know that you support parental rights. Click here to contact your senator in support of parental rights.