What Would Happen if Liberals Were in Power

Rep. Sue Errington (D-Muncie) recently introduced HB 1047, and although the bill likely won’t even advance out of committee, it’s a reminder about what would happen in Indiana if radical liberals were in power.

The bill would require that “comprehensive sexual education” be presented to students in grades 5-12 and requires the inclusion of discussions about gender and sexual orientation. The bill defines comprehensive sex-ed as “instruction in human development, sexuality, reproduction, abstinence, anatomy, physiology, consent, contraceptives and condoms, the prevention of pregnancy and STDs, health relationships, and healthy communication skills. Sexual health education must be inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities.”

For years, progressives have been trying to revamp sexual education in schools in order to influence children with dangerous ideologies and take away control from parents. This bill was their latest attempt – and thank God they don’t have the numbers to pass it.

HB 1047 would have required students in fifth grade to be exposed to sex-ed. It should be up to parents alone to decide when their child is ready and mature enough to be educated on sexuality, but this bill clearly neglects the notion of parental rights.

Furthermore, it would have required students to be exposed to four more rounds of sex education before they reach twelfth grade. Sexual education is not appropriate for young, immature children in grade school that are easily influenced. How and when a child learns about sex should be left to parents and families to decide. Sex-ed is not the responsibility of the school system.

Schools have absolutely no business indoctrinating students with complex subjects like “gender identity” and sexual orientation. These challenging conversations should be left to the parents to discuss with their children when they feel they have reached the proper maturity level to appropriately process information regarding LGBTQ ideas.

Decisions regarding how to instruct children with regard to sex-ed should be left to the parents alone. Parents know their children best. Only they are capable of making the decision of when to bring these topics up with their children. Parents will also know the best way to present the information to their children.

Parents have the right to decide how to educate their children and how to present particular ideas within a biblical, Christian context.

HB 1047 is a telling indicator of what education would look like if radical liberals were in power here in Indiana. It’s why we have to keep working to defend fundamental principles of parental rights and a biblical worldview.