Will your elected representatives vote to override the veto?

A group of swimmers from the University of Arizona which includes former Olympians wrote a letter to the NCAA expressing their frustration at the organization’s allowance of biological male “Lia” Thomas to compete in the women’s championship.

The letter was sent to the NCAA Board of Governors last month condemning the organization for failing female collegiate athletes by bowing to the woke mob in order to appear more “inclusive.”

“It’s hard to express the anguish the women’s swim community has experienced this past week watching the 2022 NCAA Swim & Dive Championships,” the letter begins. “On one hand, we feel we are witnessing irrevocable damage to a sport that has transformed our own identities for the better. On the other, we have reconnected with each other in sisterhood after many busy years living our lives beyond the water’s edge.”

By forcing female athletes to compete against a biological male, the NCAA destroyed the integrity of the championship and endorsed the erasure of women from their own sport. Thomas broke records and stole a qualifying spot in the finals that rightfully belonged to a woman.

Furthermore, by allowing transgender athletes to compete, female athletes’ chances of receiving financial aid and scholarships are diminished. “Women’s standings, titles, records, and scholarships are suddenly at risk again. Opening the door to allowing natural born men to acquire precious, life altering financial aid packages often split up between multiple women per team defeats the very essence of the flagship legislation [Title IX] we are ironically celebrating this very year.” (To view the entire letter, click here.)

The left’s so-called platform of “equality and inclusion” could not be more false as they continue to further LGBT rights at the expense of hardworking women. Not only that, but anyone who disagrees or tries to speak out against this explicit inequality is unjustly smeared as a bigot.

Hoosiers have been loud and clear from the beginning of their support of female athletes and yet Governor Holcomb has chosen to side with woke progressives and remain in their favor instead of standing up for what is right. By vetoing HB 1041, he has revealed his true colors.

Although we are disappointed that HB 1041 only protects K-12 women’s sports and doesn’t include college, we believe this is an important first step and look forward to coming back next session to protect women’s college athletics.

We cannot stand idly by and watch as women are cheated out of their sports by biological men.

Urge your lawmakers to override the Governor’s veto and save women’s sports. Don’t give in to the woke mob’s demands. Female athletes need our support, and we must be strong and courageous to fight for their future.