Yes, it’s happening to children

We have seen how far the left is willing to go to promote their progressive ideology and dump it on our children. With their attempts to flood public schools with CRT and LGBT curricula, it’s evident why they are consistently targeting kids. Children are the most impressionable and quick to believe what adults tell them because why would someone meant to protect them introduce them to harmful ideas?

By indoctrinating the next generation, the radical left is trying to stamp out any opposition and raise up a population that will bow down to their rules without question.

People are finally seeing these policies for what they truly are: destructive propaganda techniques meant to deceive the naïve, weaken our nation, and maintain control all in the name of “inclusion” and “progress.”

Our society is reminiscent of Romans 1 and the craze of gender and identity politics is the left’s leading cause. Gender dysphoria is rampant, and children are being deluded into believing that God made a mistake when He created them.

Now, liberals on social media are marketing “miracle cures” to kids who struggle with their identity. They are specifically targeting teens, some as young as thirteen, by normalizing and even promoting gender mutilation surgeries on platforms such as TikTok.

The left, however, is gaslighting concerned parents and adults throughout the nation by claiming that children aren’t getting surgeries, so the concern is overblown.

The problem is: that’s just not true. From Lisa Selin Davis:

“The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care 7 (which are actually recommendations) suggested that “fully irreversible” surgeries not be performed on those under 18, except for “masculinizing surgery,” which could be performed as early as 16. More proof? This study on the effects of such surgeries for kids: the youngest participants are 13.

And today, Suzi Weiss published a piece in Common Sense with the stories of several girls who’d had mastectomies as teens and came to regret them. If that doesn’t sway you, try perusing the more than 42,000 GoFundMe campaigns to raise money for top surgery.”

Indiana had the chance to protect Hoosier children with legislation that prohibited this abusive treatment on children, but it was tragically shot down by those who weren’t courageous enough or willing to stand up for the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our kids.

And as a reminder, Indiana’s own Riley Children’s Hospital has a “Gender Health Program” which pushes these abusive “treatments” onto children.

Knowledge is power and change can only occur when those in charge are informed. Continue to fight for the welfare of our children and spread truth, no matter the cost.