2023 Legislative Agenda

SUPPORT HB 1407: Protecting parents’ rights over their own children – Policy BriefYouTube Video

TAKE ACTION: Click here to contact your State Senator to support HB 1407

SUPPORT SB 354: Protect parental rights to information concerning their children – Policy Brief

OPPOSE HB 1568: Allowing over-the-counter access to contraceptives – Policy Brief

SUPPORT SB 351: Defining “sex” for purposes of birth certificates – Policy Brief

SUPPORT Help, Not Harm (HB 1220 and SB 480): Protect children from medical overreach – Policy Brief

TAKE ACTION: Click here to contact your State Representative to support the Help, Not Harm bill.

SUPPORT HB 1346: Standing against harmful gender ideology in schools – Policy Brief

SUPPORT HB 1569: Restrictions on transgender surgeries and medications for inmates – Policy Brief

SUPPORT HB 1608: Prevents teaching on sexual and gender identity in grades K-3rd – Policy Brief

SUPPORT SB 303: Protecting Donor Privacy – Policy Brief

SUPPORT HB 1447: Protecting children against intrusive surveys – Policy Brief

SUPPORT HB 1503: Regulation of Sexually Oriented Businesses – Policy Brief

SUPPORT HB 1384: Protecting intellectual freedom at public universities – Policy Brief

SUPPORT SB 188: Listing political affiliation for school board candidates – Policy Brief

SUPPORT SB 350: Protecting religious liberty in counseling – Policy Brief

SUPPORT HB 1646: Combatting sexually abusive materials of children – Policy Brief