Gay Pride Flags In Indiana Classrooms

The left’s attack on traditional marriage continued this week as the Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District agreed to allow gay pride flags to hang in its school classrooms. Some parents and supporters of traditional marriage brought attention to the issue and argued that it was inappropriate for such a flag to be hanging in a middle school classroom. The school district decided that under the values of “respect” and “inclusion” the gay flag should remain. It is evident that the Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District only cares about respecting and including radical left ideals and is happy to leave Christian values behind.

With the usage of words like “respect” and “inclusion,” the implication is that people who do not want gay flags in public schools are somehow disrespectful and non-inclusive. Of course, support for traditional marriage is born out of a respect for the Bible, and even in a non-religious context, the recognition that marriage is for procreation and that children need both mothers and fathers. When you get beyond the radical left’s façade, most rational people would realize that it is improper to place symbols of  any sexuality (anti-Biblical sexuality, no less) in a place of learning, but unfortunately, that ship sailed a long time ago as secular identity politics has driven a hyper-focus on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in recent years, particularly within the education system.

Of course, this is not the first instance of the radical left pushing its LGBT agenda in Indiana in. John Kluge, orchestra teacher at Brownsburg High School, lost his job for refusing to call transgender children by their “chosen” names and “preferred” pronouns rather than their legal names and biological pronouns. He took this issue all the way to the federal courts, where a judge recently ruled that Brownsburg High School rightfully terminated Mr. Kluge because schools have “an obligation to meet the needs of all of its students, not just a majority of students.” Mr. Kluge pointed to his Christian faith as his main objection to calling students by their made-up pronouns and names, but for the modern day left, “woke-ism” is their primary god. In reality, the school was derelict in its duty to truly look out for the well-being of all of its students, as the increasing LGBT propaganda in classrooms will lead to nothing but trouble.

The radical left hopes that they can paint Christians as bigoted and narrow-minded so as to dissuade people from fully partaking in their faith and even encourage distancing from religion. Unfortunately, this tactic works for lukewarm Christians who fear being labelled as bigots, but it is important for those of us who see past the lies to educate our friends and families about the nature of these attacks.

The end result of these radical policies will be to further divide citizens against one another, bring increased animosity into the public school system and discriminate against Christian families.  

It is important for Christians to not give ground on these key biblical issues.

We must get involved and take back our local schools.