Email Senators Braun & Young

H.R. 8404, the Respect for Marriage Act, has been placed on the Senate calendar and is awaiting a vote. The bill has dangerous implications for the future of marriage in our society, and we urge you to contact Indiana’s U.S. Senators and ask them to vote NO on this legislation.

The bill would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and would require federal recognition of same-sex marriages nationwide. Passed in 1996, DOMA is a law that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. While the Supreme Court did rule part of the law unconstitutional in a 2013 case, it has remained as a defense against those who seek to alter God’s definition of marriage.

The new Respect for Marriage Act does anything but that – rather than respect marriage, it would force states to recognize same-sex marriages – or any state’s definition of marriage (polygamy, marriage with a minor, etc.) – as equal to their traditional counterparts and is an unnecessary step toward the guise of “equality.” The law was proposed in response to Justice Thomas’s suggestion in his Dobbs opinion that many of the “substantive due-process precedents” set by the Court over the years, including Obergefell, may have been based on shaky legal foundations and ought to be revisited. This set off a panic among the LGBT lobby and led to this assault on the true definition of marriage.

Laws prohibiting same-sex marriage remain in place in more than 30 states, and the Respect for Marriage Act would invalidate those laws and force states to bend to the whims of radicals in the nation’s capital rather than allow them to respect the institution of marriage that God created. We urge everyone to contact Indiana’s U.S. Senators, Todd Young and Mike Braun, and tell them that Hoosiers are opposed to this dangerous legislation.

You can send emails to both Senator Young’s office and Senator Braun’s office, as well as call them to share your thoughts on H.R. 8404.

Together we will stand for marriage and defend it against those who seek to diminish it, and we hope that you will join with us in opposing this legislation that would continue to tear at the moral fabric of our society.



Correct the misinformation you hear about pro-life laws

Misinformation regarding abortion is abundant since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June.

The anti-life media arm is working overtime to disseminate outright lies and half-truths in order to advance their pro-abortion worldview.

I wanted to take a minute to address some of the most common misunderstandings regarding pro-life laws I’m hearing these days so we can collectively take this information to build a stronger culture of life in the great state of Indiana. The Federalist summed all of this up recently in a great article co-authored by an OB-GYN.

Much of the misinformation about abortion surrounds healthcare concerning ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages. Sadly, a quarter of women in the United States will miscarry their pregnancies, and one out of fifty pregnancies are ectopic, so many people understandably desire clarity regarding these issues. A lie that is prevalent is that the overturning of Roe v. Wade now prevents doctors in pro-life states from treating miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. This is completely untrue.

Legally and medically, ectopic pregnancies are categorically separate from abortion procedures. Elective abortion procedures intentionally end the life of the preborn baby inside the mother’s womb. The purpose of ectopic pregnancy procedures are to save the mother’s life from the possibility of severe hemorrhaging, and the key here is the intention is never to end the life of the preborn. With respect to miscarriages, a pregnancy that ends before 20 weeks is confusingly referred to as a “spontaneous abortion.” The important differentiator here is the contrast to induced abortion, versus spontaneous abortion. Miscarriages are spontaneous abortions, meaning the preborn passed away on their own without medical interference. Induced abortion is the intentional killing of a preborn baby by a medical provider through medication or any abortive procedure.

Another common trope is that women need access to abortion because abortion saves the life of a mother. Let’s be clear on this – abortion is never necessary to save the life of a mother and when left wing media says differently, they are being intentionally dishonest. There are extremely rare situations that exist where a baby must be delivered prematurely due to various medical complications. This is not an abortion, as the intention is not to harm the child.  

These are just a couple of the lies being spread by Big Abortion in Indiana and beyond, but it’s up to us to counter this misinformation with the truth and a loving culture of life wherever we go.

Please join us in creating a stronger culture of life in the state of Indiana by joining us at the Fall Dinner on September 29th with Allie Beth Stuckey!

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See you in Westfield, Indiana on September 29th!



Tickets are limited to see Allie Beth Stuckey

Tickets are limited to see Allie Beth Stuckey!

We are ecstatic that Allie Beth Stuckey, frequent guest on Fox News, writer, author, and podcast host with Blaze Media, will be the keynote speaker at the Indiana Family Institute 2022 Annual Dinner! Please join us on the evening of Thursday, September 29th at IMMI Conference Center, in Westfield, IN.

These are some of my favorite quotes from Allie Beth recently:

“The foundation of American conservatism is not the freedom to do whatever you want to. It is a limited government made possible by a people who are voluntarily constrained by the principles of God.”

“The denial of reality will always lead to the denial of rights.”

“Raise a respectful, relentless ruckus for the things that matter.”

I’d love for you to join us, and to consider sponsoring a table for this exciting event! REGISTER HERE! 

Again, tickets are limited, so grab yours today!



Ryan McCann’s Statement on the Tragic Passing of Rep. Jackie Walorski

“I am extremely shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Congresswoman Jackie Walorski and the others involved in the car accident.  

Jackie’s start in politics coincided with my start at the Indiana Family Institute.  I had the privilege of working closely with her during her time serving in the Indiana House of Representatives.

From the moment I met Jackie, she made it very clear that she was very motivated by her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.  Prior to moving back to Indiana, she served as a missionary to Romania. The faith that inspired her to share the hope of the Gospel in a foreign land also motivated her to create a better community in her home state for her fellow Hoosiers.  

One of the many things that I respected and admired about Jackie was her determination.  She felt a responsibility to God and to her constituents to fight for what was right and she did that with all she had.  

Although Jackie was taken from us too soon, her drive towards faithfulness helped her do more in her lifetime than most of us could experience in multiple lifetimes.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall in heaven when Jackie hears, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.'”