Respect for Marriage

Our Federal Government likes to name bills after the exact opposite of what they are. The Inflation Reduction Act increased reckless government spending. The Affordable Care Act increased the cost of healthcare. Now, there is a new bill that will go before the Senate shortly for a vote called “The Respect For Marriage Act”

The Respect for Marriage Act has no respect for the cultural and religious tradition of marriage, and would force states to recognize same-sex marriages – or any state’s definition of marriage (polygamy, marriage with a minor, etc.). Rather than respecting the God-given institution of marriage, radicals are trying to continue forcing their views onto people who disagree.

The radicals learned from the fight over abortion, so before Obergefell gets a closer look from this more originalist Supreme Court, they are trying to pass a nationwide law that will enshrine the LGBT agenda even if the Supreme Court overturns the old precedent.

We urge everyone to contact Indiana’s U.S. Senators, Todd Young and Mike Braun, and tell them that Hoosiers are opposed to this dangerous legislation.

You can send emails to both Senator Young’s office and Senator Braun’s office, as well as call them to share your thoughts on H.R. 8404.

Together we will stand for marriage and defend it against those who seek to diminish it, and we hope that you will join with us in opposing this legislation that would continue to tear at the moral fabric of our society.