Legislative Agenda

SUPPORT HB 1217: End Coerced Abortions

Requires that a pregnant woman seeking an abortion must be informed that it is illegal for anyone to coerce her to have an abortion. Provides that certain medical personnel must inquire with a pregnant woman seeking an abortion whether the abortion is coerced.

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SUPPORT HB 1040: Keep Critical Race Theory Out of Our Schools

HB 1040 doesn’t just tell schools to stop teaching CRT, it will make schools post lesson plans, syllabi, and their other course materials, so parents are able to review them.

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SUPPORT HB 1042: Give Parents Oversight Over School Boards

House Bill 1041 helps ensure Hoosier parents know who oversees their child’s education, keeping school boards accountable to the community they live in and represent.

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SUPPORT HB 1097: Make Libraries Safe for Kids

In current Indiana Code, it is illegal to give children pornographic material. However, it is perfectly legal for a school or library employee to hand a child pornographic material due to an exemption currently found in Indiana Code. This bill repeals that exemption. Minors should not be exposed to pornography at all, let alone through tax dollar funded institutions.

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SUPPORT SB 17: Make Schools and Libraries Safe for Kids

Similarly to HB 1097 above, SB 17 would remove the exemption in Indiana Code that currently allows the employees of schools or libraries to hand a child pornographic material. This exemption clearly runs against the interests of Hoosier parents, and as such we support this bill, to remove this bizarre exemption and make schools and libraries liable when distributing adult materials to children.

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SUPPORT HB 1122: Create Safe Zones for Kids

This bill would prohibit sexually oriented businesses from operating within one thousand feet of property occupied by a childcare center, public or private school, youth sports facility, and other child-focused spaces.

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SUPPORT SB 402: Referring to Child’s Biological Sex is Not Child Abuse

Senate Bill 402 provides that a parent referring to a child by their biological sex does not constitute child abuse or neglect.

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OPPOSE HB 1047: Protect Childhood Innocence

This bill requires students in fifth grade to be exposed to comprehensive sex ed. Furthermore, the bill requires students be exposed to four more rounds of sex education before they reach twelfth grade. Schools have absolutely no business indoctrinating students with complex subjects like gender identity and sexual orientation. These challenging conversations should be left to the parents to discuss with their children when they feel they have reached the proper maturity level to appropriately process information regarding LGBTQ tenants and principles.

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SUPPORT SB 34: Protect Children from Harmful Treatments and Ideologies

The bill would make it illegal for health care professionals to perform any surgeries on minors which are part of an attempt at gender transition. It would also be illegal for minors to be prescribed hormones and puberty blocking drugs. Additionally, health care professionals would be barred from attempting to reinforce or change a minor’s views on their own sexual attractions, behaviors, or identity.

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SUPPORT HB 1041: Protect Women’s Sports

House Bill 1041 requires athletic events to be designated as: 1) a male, men’s, or boys’ team or sport; 2) a female, women’s, or girls’ team or sport; 3) a coeducational or mixed team or sport. This bill prohibits biologically male students from participating in female sports.

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SUPPORT HB 1121: Monitor Gender Transition Data

Requires health care professionals to report certain information concerning gender transition to the state department of health (state department). Requires the state department to compile the reported data and annually submit the compiled data to the general assembly.

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OPPOSE HB 1065: Stop Useless Regulation

This bill requires health care professionals and community health workers to complete two hours of ‘cultural awareness and competence training.’ While this training may sound harmless at face value, this training has no relevance or usefulness to our medical professionals; and as such the state should not force them to undergo it.

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SUPPORT SB 11: Display Our History

Senate Bill 11 states that historical documents with religious themes are allowed to be displayed on state property, like a county courthouses or the statehouse, without their religious content disqualifying them. Promoting the public display of historical documents with religious themes in government buildings would help remind lawmakers and all citizens alike of the values that our state should live by.

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SUPPORT SB 31: Freedom of Choice in Vaccination

Senate Bill 31 would allow for greater freedom of choice regarding the COVID vaccine, particularly in relation to employment. The bill would prevent an employer from requiring one of their employees from getting vaccinated if doing so could be a significant health risk or if it violates the employee’s religious beliefs. Senate Bill 31 respects the liberties of employees, ensuring one’s job security is not affected by a medical or religious determination. Without this bill, many Hoosiers may be forced to choose between obeying their conscience or holding down a stable job. With Senate Bill 31, the Indiana General Assembly gives proper respect to Hoosiers who could face health risks or religious violation from taking the COVID vaccine.

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SUPPORT SB 114: Prohibiting Vaccination Status Discrimination

Senate Bill 114 would make it so that in Indiana, vaccination is truly an individual decision. Each person should be able to evaluate their own age, risk factors, religious beliefs, and opinions on the merits of a medical treatment when deciding whether or not to obtain it. Requirements that one receives a vaccine against their will are not consistent with American freedoms.

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SUPPORT HB 1190: Ensure Free Speech on Campus

House Bill 1190 protects freedom of speech on college campuses by establishing that state educational institutions may not suppress free speech in common areas of campus, and may not discriminate against a religious, political, or ideological student organization’s free expression.

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